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Kerala is a great place for vacations and a very popular tourist destination that is known for its backwater tourism, Ayurveda, and its natural beauty. Kerala’s beauty attracts tourists from different parts of the world. The state Kerala is separated into 14 districts with the capital being Trivandrum. Malayalam is the most broadly talked and the official dialect of the state. The lifestyle of Kerala is derived from old Tamil-Dravidian hones joined with Arya-Indian culture, with impacts from China, Japan, Arab nations, Portugal, Holland and even from the British. Kerala has been trading and keeping a connection with foreign countries for centuries because of the treasure trove of spice which is abundant here.

Explore The Charming Tourist Destinations And Backwaters In Kerala

The nice tropical weather, beautiful backwater tourism filled with green lush coconut trees, great hotels and resorts to choose from and friendly service and locals make it a very affordable and popular spot for holidays. Most Kerala people are fluent in English and that makes it easier for communication when going to visit places. To the visitor, Kerala offers a wonderful experience of cultural, historical and natural varieties which are rarely found anywhere else in the world. Its uniqueness in the forms of geographical features manifested in high altitude mountains and golden beaches, equable climate, hill stations, wildlife, waterfalls, plantations, Ayurvedic wellbeing occasions, celebrations, art forms, festivals, monuments and etc, attracts the people from around the world to it. With world class tourist sporting alternatives, Ayurvedic resorts and medicines, eco-tourism activities, a substantial number of visit choices extending from delightful high elevation blue mountains to flawless rain timberlands to golden sun-sand shorelines and a colossal scope of convenience, Kerala has much to offer the guest.

It seems life in Kerala is much better when compared with other states. One cannot specifically point out the best locality. Each region has it’s own cultural and geographical specialties. People of different religions live in harmony in Kerala.

One of the best things about Kerala tourism is that it offers a large number of backwater options to its visitors, If you prefer a region with backwaters and seafood then Alapuzha is the best one. Alappey is also commonly known as Venice of India is famous for its backwaters. It also has a rich cultural history and traditional life where you can view the real life of Kerala along with its scenic beauty. If you’re a nature lover and like spending your time in Kerala, then this is the ideal tourist destination for you.

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